Weight loss. Ask me how! Part 1

We Americans are fat, overweight, under-lean, adipose challenged and starving amidst gluttony. Forget the notion of cosmetics, aesthetics and cover girl models: OVER FATNESS means UNDER HEALTHINESS.

Most people don’t see FAT like that. Recent government guidelines produced by the National Institutes of Health (using body mass index [BMI] as a measure of obese-ness) show the percentage of plump Americans is bigger than the percentage of calories we Americans as a whole derive from our diets: 55% vs. 35%. Obesity and overfatness strap a time bomb onto one’s health status and disease risk: diabetes, hypertension and heart disease are the primary explosives with a shorter fuse. Add in a big nuisance condition like osteoarthritis and overweight-ness transcends “mirror appeal” and how clothes fit. And obesity is not a function of age. Numerous research reports have been written about the increasing size (and number) of the Net generation: glued to the Internet and computer games, physical games are abandoned. The physically educated generation of the last several generations is being replaced by the physically ignorant. Ignorance is fatness.

One apparent solution many, many Americans have tried (and continue using) is both controversial and effective: combinations of ephedrine (usually derived as an extract from the Ephedra plant) and caffeine (usually derived from the Guarana plant, cola nut [a plant that is NOT a source of cocaine] or, rarely, green tea). Ephedrine (usually labeled as “Ephedrine Sulfate, 25 mg”) is found both on the drug store shelves as an over the counter (OTC; non-prescription) drug, used to relieve the symptoms of asthma. Primatene?® tablets is one brand name example and there are many more generic brands available nationwide. The herbal derived products, positioned primarily for weight loss, will generate over $1.2 billion in sales in the U.S. this year.

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