Parenting a Century from Today, Part 1

After most of the parents of today are gone, say in about 100 years, the things (cars, status, houses, etc.) that seem important today will not really mean too much. The world will be a better place because our children are loved.

This little phrase came from a cartoon I saw in the newspaper. As a parent, I can say that love is the best and most loving gift and asset I can give. As with all parents, we want to leave our kids with the knowledge that they are loved. We want to show them the ways to enhance their world, feel safe and be empowered in it, both emotionally and spiritually. If we are able to assist them and guide them through the tough times, and if they can learn life lessons along the way, we have made an impact.

Sometimes as parents we wonder if we have made any impact at all, especially when they are teenagers. We will be most happy if we can come through the child-rearing years having conquered, to the best of our abilities, those challenges that seem to affect all aspects of parenting. If we can raise a self-reliant human being, build self-esteem and successfully pass along a code of moral conduct, we are doing better than average. If we are able to, through our words and actions, give them a guide to gauge their own behaviors and build within them motivation to succeed in their own relationships and academics, we have built a foundation.

If we recognize the family as a “we” business where we all share, create and are held accountable, we can minimize excuses and eliminate negativity.

When we can deal with challenges and problems quickly by using conflict resolution, we are less likely to get off the subject at hand. Good conflict resolution is non-intimidating. Tactics such as blaming, name-calling, putting someone down or straying from the subject at hand will only escalate a problem.

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