Herbal Medicine in Combination With Other Alternative Modalities, Part 2

How naturopathy works effectively to heal.

Using the person’s lifestyle, eating habits, stress levels, belief system and spiritual insight in diagnosing health or illness. High-stress lifestyles and poor eating habits play a big part in disorders.

Attitudes, relationships and habits are all a factor in health and wellness.

The overall goal is to achieve homeostasis, which is the way the body heals itself by means of an efficient immune system and other defense mechanisms.

Your body must be cleansed of all toxins. Stopping smoking and using alcohol or any other stimulant. Cleansing with pure water and fasting will help. When doing this remember all things are better in moderation.

You will receive nutritional counseling, information about the best vitamins and minerals and herbal supplements for you to purchase.

It may be recommend that you seek out a chiropractor for adjustment and proper body alignment.

Acupuncture may be suggested to help calm and relax you.

Often several other types of homeopathic modalities are combined with Naturopathy to achieve the mind/ body and spirit/soul connection.

The treatments are broken down into separate sections: Biochemical, Counseling, Neurological and Physical.

Naturopathy uses any and all means of holistic medicine to restore, repair and balance your system back to its natural harmonious state.

How the basics of herbal treatments and Naturopathy come into play with Homeopathy.

Homeopathy means to stimulate the body to recover itself by inducing minute amounts of the same symptoms they are having. The symptom its self is telling you that there is a problem; so introducing that same symptom in an ill person will right the body to its correct balance in life.

An example widely used is, if a person were suffering from a cough, in conventional medicine we would naturally take a cough suppressant. In homeopathy they would give you something that would induce a cough in a relatively healthy person thus making the body restore itself to a healthy you.

Its aim is to cure, unlike conventional medicine when the medication is withdrawn the symptoms reappears or carries high adverse side effects that also must be treated.

Your homeopath, with the use of the properly selected remedies will restore the person to health. Provided all information was given and nothing withheld from your homeopath. Withholding information such as taking other medications or supplements is discouraged as it may cause an untoward affect on your well-being.

Homeopathy is only to be practiced by someone who is trained in that area.

Just because a medicine or herb is labeled homeopathic, does not mean it will work on all symptoms. It will only work if they symptoms present are homeopathic to that remedy.

Any remedy will work for like symptoms. Such as cold remedy for colds, vomiting for vomiting.

All homeopathic medications are regulated by the FDA and are safe when used as prescribed. Do not treat yourself if you “think” there is an illness, checking with a professional first is the best rule of thumb until you are familiar with your disorder.

If you are unsure of what to use, never attempt to diagnosis or treat yourself without first consulting a homoeopathist.

Although the practice of medicine is governed by each state, the medications are readily available to all and are non-prescription or over the counter. Many times you can purchase these items online or in a mail-order catalog. Check the BBB on and offline to make sure the company you are dealing with is reputable. Using herbal remedies that are old, outdated or non-effective is useless and a waste of time.

All Homeopathic medications have been tested on humans and not on animals. However it is starting to be used widely by veterinarians.

The advantages are inexpensive, availability, and rarity of adverse reactions and side effects.

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