Disturb Something

Willingness to change is vital to healthy aging, especially in today’s world. Stagnant water holds no life. Only the water that is moving, flowing and teaming with activity will sustain life. The still waters of a healthy pond are actually, almost invisibly moving, disturbed and refreshed by the inlet and outlet of the deeper waters below the stillness.

Indira Gandhi once said, “Whenever you step forward you are bound to disturb something.”

By making a commitment to a happy, healthy lifestyle you will disturb all the old habit patterns that have become comfortable, but limiting. Many of the habits we develop outlive their usefulness, and unless we recognize this and take positive steps toward change they will begin to restrict and hinder our full statement of life.

Today, recognize one habit that holds you back from full-out aliveness. Begin to change your thinking about that habit. Notice, without judgement, when you are engaged in it and stop yourself.

Congratulate yourself for catching the habit in action, then move on to something different.

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