Diabetes and School and Social Activities. Part 1

Children with type 1 diabetes can attend school, do homework, play with friends and participate in clubs or sports. However, special attention should be paid to diabetes care while the child is in school and involved in daily activities. If old enough, children may keep a blood glucose meter at school or with the school nurse. To safeguard against hypoglycemia, the child can carry extra snacks, or snacks can be given to the teacher for use if the child’s blood sugar level drops. Teachers, friends, club leaders, school nurses or coaches should be aware that a child has diabetes and should know the signs of low blood sugar and how to treat it in case of emergency.

Points to Remember
Inform teachers and school staff that your child has diabetes and how to treat hypoglycemia.
Always bring extra snacks in case hypoglycemia occurs with exercise.

Just like people without diabetes, people with diabetes can go to parties and participate in social activities. Some helpful tips are:
Call ahead to see what foods the host or hostess will serve and at approximately what time. This will help you keep track of how much food you should eat or how much insulin you will need.

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