Attract New Members With Portals. Part 2

When offering potential club members a solution, a marketing piece could be developed that states, “Need to lose 10 pounds before that important occasion in your life? A complete six-week program is designed to get the quickest results possible. No membership necessary. All-inclusive course includes personal training, nutritional program, supplements and a workout log.” Many consumers are looking for a specific solution to a specific problem, and clubs should be selling it.

The other key to this program is that there is no membership necessary. This way, you can simply sell the solution, not the idea of fitness for better health in the future. Many customers want a finite course designed to accomplish a specific task, while clubs sell time and results, which can limit their ability to attract members. Fitness and health don’t sell many memberships. Most consumers just don’t think that way.

Another example of a portal is an eight-week golf-conditioning program. This type of portal could be offered in small groups of up to 10 students, which is cost effective. The class could meet once a week for one or more hours, and the students could use your club the rest of the week as part of the course. Your marketing for this could be based on an ad stating, “Does your golf game suck?” This is bold, but it will get a golfer’s attention. The portal could incorporate a golf pro offering swing practice, and trainers who teach golfers that there is more to golf conditioning than just lifting weights. Plyometrics, stability ball training, assisted stretching and strength training could all be introduced to the students.

The most important thing about this portal, though, is to keep it close to the game of golf. If students have clubs in their hands, it’s like golf, even if they only pick the clubs up once every other week to check on their progress with the pro. This portal could be priced at $349 per student. And, with students meeting in groups, it would allow the club at least a 33-percent profit after paying the pro for an hour every other week over eight weeks, and allowing for at least $100 per session for the trainer.

Other types of portals include sports conditioning for races, such as preparing for a marathon or triathlon, running, tennis and softball, and any other concept that would bring people into your facility who otherwise wouldn’t associate sports training with your club.

Portals as a solution

Portals can be an important part of marketing, as your club should be able to convert at least 50 percent of the students in these courses into members. Portals can also be profit centers, and should return at least a 33-percent profit per student.

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